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Primum Healthcare Solutions was founded from a belief that travel nursing is an exciting, challenging, and needed profession within the healthcare industry. This company was created because two traveling nurses, a husband and wife team, wanted to create an environment where the agency was the advocate for the nurses and the liaison between them and the facilities they are placed.

We work closely with both our nursing professionals and our facilities to fulfill staffing needs with experienced nursing professionals throughout the Northwest.

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Brandon Wilcox

Brandon Wilcox

Registered Nurse

Brandon Wilcox, a registered nurse who has been in the travel nursing field since 2008, seeing firsthand the shortcomings of the travel nursing industry. He realizes and appreciates both the opportunities and difficulties associated with travel nursing. Brandon studied at the College of Southern Idaho, his nursing career began as a CNA/NAC in the year 2006. Developing his healthcare career and his love for nursing. He obtained his LPN certificate in the year 2013 and quickly returned and graduated with his Registered Nursing degree in 2015, before embarking on a quest to create a unique and thriving nurse staffing agency.

While holding positions as a traveling nurse, Brandon identified a critical area in the current industry that is lacking. A disconnect between employer and valued employee. Through his experience, he realized it wasn’t necessarily the fault of himself or the facilities. It came down to a lack of involvement from the nurse staffing agencies he worked for. They didn’t always onboard properly or help to make the proper introductions when a placement began, which sometimes made him feel like a number rather than a valuable member of a team. Brandon believes there is a better way. Striving for a balance between home life and work fulfillment, we place value on the individual and work hard to develop personal relationships with our nursing staff and facilities.

“It’s about maintaining relationships and being invested in the success of our nurses and clients.”
Brandon Troy Wilcox

Andrea Wilcox

Andrea Wilcox

Registered Nurse

Andrea Wilcox is a registered nurse and a successful business owner who has been working in the medical field for 22 years. She is an active proponent for the success of women in business and possesses extensive experience in medical/surgical nursing. Her greatest passion, however, is for mental health nursing; which led her to join various travel agencies where she gained expertise and experience in all aspects of the field. Andrea chose the honorable career of nursing after sustaining a potential life altering injury at the age of 12. The care received while a patient on the neurological unit of a local hospital led to her life-long career choice of nursing. She was determined to climb the healthcare ladder to gain a better understanding of each position. Andrea began her nursing career in 1995 as a CNA/NAC, working various long term care facilities and a medical/surgical unit. She expanded her career to Medical Assisting in 1998, working in a multitude of specialties; orthopedics, plastic surgery, family practice and podiatry, In 2012, returned to school and graduated with her LPN certificate. Balancing a full work and school schedule, Andrea graduated with honors from Carrington College and earned her degree in nursing in 2014.

Since graduation, Andrea has traveled and nursed in over fifteen facilities and in two states before embarking on the challenge to solve the staffing needs of the state of Washington. Andrea has committed herself to serving her community while upholding the highest standard of nursing and agency professionalism.

“When we teach, we inspire and inspiration is the greatest path to success.”
-Andrea Rose Wilcox

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