“Everyone is capable of living outside or beyond the role they place themselves in” – The late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

When I dreamt of becoming a nurse as a little girl, I never dreamed as big as becoming a female nurse entrepreneur. I have always had a love of healthcare and felt nursing would fulfill that love. When I met my husband 4 years ago, he presented me with the idea, the idea of something more. The idea that not only could I be a nurse, which let’s face it is all I really wanted to be but I could become a business owner and fulfill a need in this country that seems to grow rapidly in our nation and around the world. The idea of business ownership as a traveling nurse agency seemed like something I wasn’t sure I wanted for my life. The longer I contemplated the idea. The more real it became. I created our business and applied for business licenses. There “now we are business owners” I said to myself. Thinking back to this is laughable. The next year of my life became the most demanding. So much more than nursing school, because let’s face it. I am not only nursing but I am trying get a business of the ground.

The Enneagram

If you have never heard of the enneagram test, it is a personality test that at its core tells you exactly the type of personality you and when you are doing well in life and having all types of success will give you the type of behavior you will find in yourself and when you are not having so much success the devastating behaviors you find yourself committing. When I took the enneagram test I was amazed. It told me, I am the type of person that is driven by success and hence why I am referred to as “The Achiever”. I get things done! I don’t necessarily need all the details just give me the bullet points and I will get us there. My husband on the other hand he is identified as “The Reformer”, he prefers all the details and is what I like to refer to him as “The Idea Man”. He presented the idea (which he came up with in 2008) and I made it happen.

Not Just a Nurse

I am not one of those wives and mothers that like to be home with the kids, shuttling them around to soccer or to hang out with friends (by the way..nothing wrong with that and my kids are all nearly adults). I do love to cook and bake but only on my terms not necessarily when my family is hungry. I have a busy schedule of not only working on my business but working in it as well. I nurse for my business and still manage to pay my employees on time, which I find keeps happy employees. Most people try and tell me “you do too much” or “you’re going to get burned out”. Yes, I am can be cranky and even emotional but I function at a high level of stress and with my un-medicated ADHD, I am an amazing multi-tasker. Most days I am excited. Not just excited I get to be a nurse and take care of people who really need it but I am living a dream I didn’t even realize was mine. I am a business owner and that is why I was so moved by the statement made by the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Years ago, I placed myself in this role of just being a nurse but today I am proud to say I am so much more.


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