New Places

Growing up in Southern Idaho helped the transition to Spokane be relatively seamless.

My home town is dusty and dry, with wind that seems to blow without end. My eyes lit like fire as I beheld the city of Spokane before me. Sweet-smelling conifer meet every horizon, proudly jutting from the earth. The towering ancient evergreens and foliage offer well-loved ecosystems for the wildlife teaming within.

Descending the hilled highway, the trees gave-way to classic architecture with the occasional coble-stoned street. Preserved within the city limits, sights such as this brought tears to my eyes, while a smile played upon my lips. I have a deep, passionate appreciation for art, history and culture. There was a slight familiarity in my heart and an excitement that gripped me.

Seasons of the City Spring & Summer

I welcomed the heat, the sun kissing my skin, seeming to wrap the city within its warm embrace. Giving ‘words’ of encouragement to the growth quietly budding, waking from a long winters slumber. The breeze whispers, gently caressing, granting a much-needed reprieve from the suns penetrating gaze.

On days such as this I prefer the chilled bite of the water in Coeur d’Alane lake. I hope to one day participate in the various water activities they offer, like the ferry ride, parasailing and perhaps even the seaplane might tempt me. The soft sandy ‘beach’ that lines the water’s edge is heavenly to recline upon.

After spending time on the lake, I prefer to walk along E Sherman Avenue. The candy shop caught my attention the first day I visited. The sweet-smelling odor a summons, your nose catches the scent and your feet simply follow. Futile to resist the desirous pull, I was brought low at its doors, helpless but to take in each delicacy that surrounded me. I couldn’t help but to purchase the giant jaw breaker I’d come across.

As an avid runner, I love when Bloomsday and Glow in the Park ‘roll around’. Ironically, I am also a lover of food. Pig Out in the Park comes once a year and ‘helps-out’ some who don’t branch out enough, by offering a wide variety of goodies. Come fourth of July, the booms of rockets fired toward the heavens shine bright in short bursts over-head. Crowds of boisterous people hover in their well-guarded lawn chair, complete with cheers of, “Ooh’s and aww’s”.

Fall & Winter

The Fall welcomes the change in light spectrum from blue to red, visible as it shines on the leaves beginning to turn. Overlooking the city, arresting coloration overwhelming the rolling hills, green and orange, red and yellow are pleasurable to behold. The smell of the air itself changing.

The welcome of the temperature decrease, to crisp mornings and chilled evenings. These seasons offer various activities as well, such as pumpkin patch picking, maze adventures and haunted houses.

The first snow-fall causes such excitement. The city buzzes with the promise of Christmas hanging in the air. I have a young daughter just over a year old, and this time of year is very exciting for the two of us. Her hand in mine, cutting our way through the snow to the top of a hill, sliding down together. A cup of coffee sipped slowly thaws my chilled bones.


There is so much that Spokane offers, so much opportunity to get ahead in life. In the two years since moving here, my life has been full of adventure and happiness. I have not looked back nor have I regretted my decision to move here. It was the home I’d never known-I decided along the way-and I had finally arrived. Such an unlikely occurrence, as I never thought I could love living somewhere so completely.

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